Two brothers that get stuff done.

I’m sure after seeing all this superb work you’re absolutely dying to know who these mesmerizing people behind the cameras and screens are. Well, no need to stalk our social media to maybe catch a glimpse. The wait is over.

We are brothers, Richard and Joseph. As kids, we fought, played, and lived together, and now we’re operating a business together. Apparently, we’ve learned to work with each other over the years and have fused our talents together to create what we hope is an unrivaled digital media company.

Richard, being a degreed web developer, has years of professional experience in developing websites and has an uncanny ability to focus all his energy on one thing and is never quite satisfied, which has led him to become a blossoming expert in photography and videography. From a young age, he’s taken a liking to technical equipment and started shooting videos of his brother and cousins…well…shooting and fighting in imaginative wars, among others (the aforementioned videos hidden from the public for good reason).

Joseph, the younger, handles more the business and content side of things. At the ripe age of 12, he began callously selling his old toys on eBay, where he got a little taste of the business world and has been starting business ventures since. He also hopefully writes in a humorous and eye-catching style, leading him to provide most of the content writing, as well as dabbling in the videography and editing.

And, together, we have united to create UpNorthCreative, with plans for world domination – err, I mean, a company that memorializes your wedding, brings your company to life and customers to your door, captures your family’s stunning looks, and creates captivating documentaries!


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"We were looking for a videographer to take a video of our son playing the piano at church that would convey his music to universities he was applying to. Up North Creative listened to what we wanted to accomplish and went far and beyond exceeding our expectations! Up North Creative videos & photos were extraordinary perfect! I hope to work again soon with Richard and his brother Joseph as they are great people too!"

Christopher Ward

"Video and photography production for our business ads was easy, Richard is easy to communicate with and can see your vision and execute, the video and photography service is tailored perfectly to work with the website and I'm happy and satisfied."

Mark Stafki

"I cannot express how thrilled and grateful we are for the phenomenal work done by Up North Creative in capturing the essence of our wedding day. From the initial consultation to the final product, their dedication, talent, and attention to detail were evident at every step."

Joshua Klimek

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