Catching memories that last a lifetime.

We've pulled some snippets of our wedding films. View them below.


Picture this:

Thanksgiving Dinner, 2050:

Stomachs full, the whole family present, and a nostalgic mindset. As your wedding film plays on the TV, it transports you back to young love, surrounded by family, friends, and even that forgotten uncle. The laughter and words from friends, whether unseen for years or just last night, flood in, making memories palpable. Through the narrative of your loved ones, you remember the story of how you met, why you got married, and how you've grown. Your kids smile and laugh with the younger you, and your grandkids catch a glimpse of their family history.

You laugh, you cry, and the bonds within your family strengthen. As you sit back in gratitude, you realize how fortunate you are that Up North Creative, this super epic company, was there to capture it all.

Why Us?

Good question. We're not the only wedding videography option out there, but we firmly believe we provide the best product. While we think the films themselves do the talking (watch one if you haven't!), here are some quick facts:

  • Over $15k worth of videography equipment. Cameras recently used in hollywood films.
  • Two videographers (albeit very attractive ones)
  • Sit-down interviews with said attractive videographers
  • An authentic and personalized film that captures the essence of your unique story



Now that you're hopefully chomping at the bit to have a film produced for your wedding, let's break it down to the nuts and bolts.

There are two packages:

  • Capture Wedding Ceremony and Reception
  • Up to 4 interviews
  • Recorded sermon/wedding speeches
  • 2 videographers
  • 5-10 min video

Cost: Starting at $1500

  • Capure Wedding Ceremony and Reception aannndd before ceremony, pictures, party bus, etc... (WHOLE DAY)
  • 15-20 min video
  • Recorded sermon/wedding speeches
  • 2 videographers
  • Up to 6 interviews

Cost: Starting at $2500

We are based in Twin Cities. We cover within 100 miles of that, anything outside of that area or out of state, contact us for a quote.



Hypthothetically, if you wanted to get this show on the road, get these kernels popping, the dog a' hollering, this is what the process would look like:

First Stage

Two to three months before the big day, we’ll send over a document asking some questions (locations, rough schedule, the amount of people being interviewed, their names..etc). We'll set up a meeting via video conference/phone call to get some ideas on the film style/aesthetics, interviewees, and best location and time for the interviews. We'll also discuss shots or aspects that are "must-dos". We'll give you another call 2-3 weeks before the wedding to finalize the details.

Second Stage

A few days before the wedding, typically at rehearsal dinner, we will conduct the interviews. If there's only two or three people being interviewed, we can squeeze it in at some point during the wedding day as well.

Third Stage

Your big day, the wedding day. While you're doing the whole getting-married thing, after micing up key players, we'll be running around the place (inconspicuously, most couples say they barely notice us), trying to get the best angle from your best side (kidding, both sides are perfect). We'll capture the life-altering moments while you live them.

Fourth Stage

This is where most of our work comes in. You'll be off in the honeymoon stage and we'll be hard at work editing and editing, creating your wedding film. Within one to two months, we'll send you a pre-final draft to critique and change anything you want, at which point we'll adjust and send you a completed final for you and your family to enjoy...till the end of time.


Ask our Clients.

See what a client said about our work.

"I cannot express how thrilled and grateful we are for the phenomenal work done by Up North Creative in capturing the essence of our wedding day. From the initial consultation to the final product, their dedication, talent, and attention to detail were evident at every step.

The editing skills demonstrated by the Up North Creative team were simply outstanding. They expertly weaved together the most memorable moments of our wedding, crafting a cinematic masterpiece that exceeded all expectations.

Up North Creative's approach to interviewing our guests before and during the wedding was truly exceptional. The genuine words and heartfelt wishes they captured in those moments have become incredibly meaningful to us.

Throughout the entire process, the team at Up North Creative demonstrated a high level of professionalism, ensuring that our vision was brought to life. If you're searching for a team of videographers and editors who will go above and beyond, look no further than Up North Creative. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking an unforgettable visual experience that will forever hold a special place in their hearts."

Josh K.

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